Welcome to our website. This site was created to help parents that have children with birth defects and feeding disabilities.  I never realized how many babies are born each year with so many different problems so I hope this website will give you the courage to continue no matter how impossible the situation may seem.  With God and the support of others we can get through anything together.


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1 Peter 5:7
Casting all your cares upon him; for he careth for you.
Baby Lauren  Shone's Complex
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Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome
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Babies So Special Mission

Babies So Special is an organization that has been formed by the tears and prayers of two mothers that have babies with congenital heart defects. Some might call our kids delayed and disabled but we call them brave and courageous. Living and breathing the life of having a child on the brink of death has opened our eyes to the needs of families with children who have disabilities. The needs of these families can run from a simple call of support to thousands of dollars to aid in medical bills. Our desire is to stand alongside these families and children and hold their hand as they journey through this often-lonely road of dealing with an ailment. We desire to bring a ray of hope in a situation that seems hopeless. When there is nowhere to turn we will be there. When all the insurance companies and bill collectors are saying no; we will say yes.

We are seeking the help of others so that we might encourage those around us to experience the benefit of aiding someone in need. We desire to have funds available for families that are in need. In need of clothes, food, medical supplies, or unfortunately funeral arrangements. We see no limit to what Babies So Special can do for our community. We see no limit to what Babies So Special can do for an ailing child and their family. We will be relentless with our struggle for education and bring awareness about this special community that needs so much support. Money and education are the two things that can bridge the gap between life and death for these babies. I pray that our mission will bring a brighter future for our children and the babies to be born.

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