Thick it:
        A friend and I were having a hard time getting our babies to drink fluid so I went to see a specialist and she recommended thick it.  You follow the directions for the consistency you baby can swallow the easiest.  Then as they get better and better at swallowing you add less and less until they are able to drink fluid.  You can get this at  almost any store.  Ask your pharmacist.   If your child won't suck for you I went and got a feeder and pushed the fluid into his mouth until he got better at swallowing and started to suck.  There is a great one a Wal-mart that is by Nuby it has three different attachments (nipple, spoon, and sippy cup spout).

My Good friend Camille has similar feeding problems with her daughter eating and gaining weight so went to see a different specialist .  They recommended her to boil chicken breast and put the meat into a chopper then once its grinded add it to the baby food.  Chicken as most know has fat and a lot of protein.  We both have tried this and our little ones don't even notice that its in the food.  They both are growing and picking up weight!!!

Different textures and tastes:
Another helpful thing that helped caleb get over his eating disorder was always putting different tastes and textures in his mouth.  His therapist recommended to try different tastes (pickle juice, lemons, limes)really anything that will help spark their taste buds.  Now for textures things like licorice, beef jerky, big pretzel sticks, and anything else you can think of that will fit in their hand and hopefully end up in their mouths.

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