'LiL'  Feeties
Watch the path of your feet and all your way's will be established  Proverbs 4:6

So many children are hospitalized every year!  These hospital stays can be a few days, a few months, and let's be realistic some may endure for years.  Our team has come up with an idea on just how to lighten up this time and share what Babies So Special can offer to families during their journey.  That's where we came up with 'LiL' Feeties.  This is a simple little geture that can lighten up a child's heart and fill the parents soul knowing that there are  people around that will help and assist them while they are on this often lonely road of a child with disabilities.  I know your thinking they have hospital socks available for these children.  We have all seen them and they are boring.  Well, we have cute socks that range from newborn, super hero's, princess, as well as really cool ones for the bigger kiddo's.  We are very excited to be doing this small gesture which we know will fill the Heart's and Soles of these families.
We would like other's  to join our endeavor to fill the Heart and Soles of these families.  This requires us to have socks available for these special children.  Here's where we would love to have you help us.  We need the cutest socks from newborn all the way up to our bigger kiddo's.  We want to get their feet looking so amazing.
I know your thinking sock's how can this make a child happy.  I know from experience, when my son Caleb was hospitalized after an open-heart surgery the only thing I could dress up was his feet.  The medical staff had to moniter Caleb very closley and the only thing that could have anything on it was his feet.  I know it sound's weird but during that time of feeling so helpless and scared I could at least find the cuteset socks and dress up his 'LiL' Feeties!  Now, this is what Babies So Special intends to do for other children like Caleb.  Please be a part this! Something so simple as a pair of socks can mean so much. 

I'd like to announce that we have partnered with Notes Of Hope!  Now each pair of socks will have a Note Of Hope included with them.  Thank you Notes Of Hope for joining with us to help encourage others one Note at Time!   Please go see the impact they are making:

If you are interested in helping please send the socks to:

PO Box 2328
Barstow, CA 92312 

Filling the Heart & Sole's
Of These Families!

'LiL' Feeties