Our Services


Our Mission is to Be a Voice for Voiceless while providing Hope to the Hopeless

Aide to Families In Need
Class away from Class
​We desire to have funds available for families that are in need. In need of clothes, food, medical supplies, or unfortunately funeral arrangements.
Its our desire to see skype class rooms all over the world supported with the best technology and social services enabling them to have the same class experience as their classmates.
Our Special Babies Support
Community Outreach
​We see no limit to what Babies So Special can do for our community. We see no limit to what Babies So Special can do for an ailing child and their family. We will be relentless with our struggle for education and bring awareness about this special community that needs so much support.
Financial assistance and education are the two things that can bridge the gap between life and death for these babies. We pray that our mission will bring a brighter future for our children and the babies to be born.